donderdag, juni 30, 2005

Utter Innocent Press Victim Michael J. Visits His Soulmate Sheikh Abdulla Hamad al Kalifa in Bahrein. Who Is Also Reported To Be Extremely Innocent.

Sheikh Yer 10 Year Ol' Booty Posted by Hello

President Bush is said to be deeply moved by "this shining example of innocenticity".

dinsdag, juni 28, 2005

A Voice Of Dissent, A Breath Of Fresh Air

All Material Copyright 2004 Ted Rall
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Check out Ted Rall. He's American. He's funny. Receives death threats by other Americans on a daily basis. Definitely my kind of funny.

vrijdag, juni 24, 2005

How A Heat Wave Turns Your Quality Newspaper Into A Toilet Roll

gamekill Posted by Hello

"Boy died after gaming for twelve hours"

I've got two words for the sorry ass motherfucker who decided to print this story: URBAN LEGEND. "A boy from Jekaterinaburg...". Do yourself a favor and go spank yourself. Wait, I've got another one. What about "The girl from Schellebelle: some say she got eaten by her own pussy...". Write about that, Shakespeare.

vrijdag, juni 17, 2005

Our Future King Buys A New Hairdryer

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The Royal Spokesman could neither confirm nor deny rumours that the unit came fully equipped with the highly awaited R98257 Anal Amusement Module.

woensdag, juni 15, 2005

Belgian Politician Of The Female Species Thinks Taking Testosteron Will Give Her An Insight Into The Dude's Mind.

Patricia Ceysens Posted by Hello

Little does she know she'll be playing with her titties all day long.