dinsdag, november 29, 2005

All Over The World Priests Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

Pope Gets Priorities Right Posted by Picasa

Gays are no longer welcome in the Catholic Church. They're reportedly giving the pedophiles a bad name.

dinsdag, november 15, 2005

Simply Fascinating

This guy sure got some nice drawing skills. But she's an eight, and if she had bigger tits, she'd be a ten!!! Just a small pointer which might help...

donderdag, november 10, 2005

NEWSFLASH... A Belgian Journalist From De Standaard Was Found Naked Hanging By The Balls With A Note Stapled To His Arse Saying BAD JOURNALIST...

"Killer game. China chick chokes on WOW." Urban myth shit. Every time a newspaper tells a lie, a baby dies. Posted by Picasa

His editor is still missing.

donderdag, november 03, 2005

Go Tell It To The Germans!

Pass the dutchie on the left-hand side I say, pass the dutchie on the left-hand-side. It a gonna burn!
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The average Belgian wouldn't even consider mentioning the war when in Germany. This attitude is related to the holy fear our forefathers instillled in each of us: "If we all keep quiet, maybe they'll stay there...". Holocaust denier and full time wanker Siegfried Verbeke is definitely not like most of us Belgies. He went one further and decided to tell the World ze Germans don't know that they never did what they thought they did to the Jews who made the whole thing up. Terribly confusing to ze Germans, with all these archives and gedenkst├Ątten, photographs, testimonies, granddad's drunk stories about his MG42 and what have you not. So they invited him to have a little stay. Up to ten years! They love this guy to death! Time to wake up and put on the Smelly Lederhosen Of Truth, Siegfried.

Hint: Remember to click your heels when you're not wearing your cap. Look at your toes.