woensdag, september 21, 2005

The Catholic Church Is So Hip Now It's Twisting My Mellon Man

General Gotovina, Man Of God Posted by Picasa

World Youth Day!!! The Apostolic Journey of His Holiness Benedict XVI to Cologne is proof that that we both breed and cultivate stupidity. Young believers, please go torture an acoustic guitar in your local churches and leave our television sets alone. That will help world peace. Wake me up when der pope is doing the lead vocals on "Die Seele Gehört Mir" backed by Rammstein. Meanwhile, in the real world... General Gotovina, a decent catholic who only killed Serbs, is wanted for war crimes he comitted in Croatia. UN prosecutor Carla del Ponte has information about Gotovina hiding in a Franciscan monastery, of which there are 80. She asks the Vatican for help. Result: a wall of silence. Local Bishop Mile Bogovic calls Gotovina a national hero, del Ponte objects and the Vatican decides not to mention the war. Plus que ça change, plus que ça reste la même chose. Ask anyone in Buenos Aires called Schmidt.

maandag, september 12, 2005

Moved Back To The Old Home Town!

The Crib Posted by Picasa

Rory Gallagher
Live In Europe - 1972

Mama's in the kitchen baking up a pie.
Daddy's in the backyard,"Get a job, son,
You know you ought to try".
I packed up my bag, I headed down the road,
I got me a job from Henry Ford.
But I made a mistake, I moved much too far
And now I know what the lonesome blues are . . .
I`m getting lonesome, I'm getting blue,
I need someone to talk to.
I`m getting lonesome, I'm getting blue,
Let me tell you where I'm going to . . .

Yes I'm going to my home town,
I don't care ever even if I have to walk.
Yes I'm going to my home town,
I don't care even if I have to walk.
I gotta move on now baby, I got no more time left to talk.