maandag, augustus 22, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI Visits Synagogue, Warns Of Rising Anti-Semitism And Xenophobia

Pre-Catholic Joseph Ratzinger Posted by Picasa

Bit of a shocker, this one. Not often do I think: "Way to go, Pope!". Learning the new pope was actually "der pope" scared the living shit out of me. I was thinking Tiger Tanks manned by geriatric priests. Ex-Hitler Jugend Pope. Ex-Wehrmacht Pope. Turns out he's the second pope in history to openly condemn nazi atrocities. Which is nice.

Not so very nice: Pope Pius XII And the Holocaust.
Knew what was happening to the Jews but always kept his trap shut while the shit was going on. Never did the word "Jew" pass his holy lips. Never did the nazi's occupying Rome bother him. May Satan forevermore use his cowardly soul to clean his naughty bits: Pope on a Rope!

maandag, augustus 08, 2005

The Hasselhoffian Recursion

This shit is pretty mind-boggling if you watch it for more than six minutes...

But we're fucked like two dollar whores on dollar night if it ever gets beamed into deep space and there's an intelligent lifeform out there.

vrijdag, augustus 05, 2005

Is it a Plane? Shit, It's Leaving a Plane! It's a Cunt! It's a Nazi! It's...Holocaust Denier Siegfried Verbeke!

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This time the Main Schweinhund of Historical Travesty got himself arrested at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Word is he might be extradited to Germany. A good serving of irony by all standards! As Siegfried is about to discover, you don't fanny about with the Germans when it comes to genocide. "Vot do you mean, Siegfried, vee didn't kill ze jews? Zey all vent for a valk, perhaps?" Check out Siegfried's little labour camp of love and weep.

Some of you say this is about free speech. All of me says this is about fighting fascism.

Obviously there is no link whatsoever with the extreme-right party Vlaams Belang.
As Verbeke says: "VHO has absolutely nothing to do with the Vlaams Blok. People of the left-wing try to jeopardize the successful party by trying to link it with our activities, but this is entirely false, because there aren’t any representative Vlaams Blok-politicians at all involved. About part (sic) politics in general: intelligence combined with a little bit of courage are very rare in these circles. That can also be said about the VB-politicians. I don’t like democratic politicians in general and can therefore bring up little or no respect for the Vlaams Blok. Of course I dislike the other democratic parties even more, and when I have to each 4 years I will vote VB, regardless of their anti-revisionist point of view."

übersource: Siegfried Interviewed By Real Fascists

Let's do the math. One Holocaust denier, the Belgian extreme-right party formerly known as Vlaams Blok and a general contempt for democracy. Nope, no link here.

Cheer up, Siegfried. You can always say: "Ich habe es nicht gewusst".

maandag, augustus 01, 2005

Took the kids to Disneyland Paris...

The Mad Hatter Posted by Picasa

...and the dude, like, totally approved. It rocked their world. It rocked my wallet. A good time was had by all.